Nathan Brutsky – Israeli artist, living and creating in Tel-Aviv.

Nathan was only 10 years old when his father, a man interested and knowledgeable in art, looked at some pictures his son had made in school and decided that Nathan was talented enough to study art.  The son preferred soccer to painting, of course, but his decisive father prevailed, and soon the son was spending 2 and 3 hours, daily, drawing and painting.

He painted everything he saw, without distinction, and from that day on he was rarely seen without pencil and paper. This rich experience turned out to be very vital when, years later, Nathan began to create complex compositions, with multiple elements. This contributes a great deal to explaining Nathan’s rare professionalism.

Nathan’s father wished that his son would become a professional artist right way. This did not happen immediately. Nathan in 1982 finished his studies at the Kyiv Ukrainian State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design, served in the army, and then worked as a graphic designer, architectural designer, and book illustrator. During all these years Nathan studied under outstanding artists. The knowledge he acquired from them, to this day, is immeasurable. In every aspect of every painting there are two things that are important to Nathan: The first is the power of expression, style and quality, and the second is that his art needs to make people happy.

in the 1991 Nathan and his whole family moved to Israel

For several years his main occupation was interior design of synagogues and private residences. Later, painting became the main part of his life and, as he admits today, architectural designing no longer interested him. He created amazing stained glass, lamps, and murals. Nathan understood that only art brings him real joy and pleasure, and that only in art he can implement his creative designs, on the canvas, in a quiet study.

His creativity comes to life every day, when Nathan stands by his easel once again, to express, through his art, his way of looking at the world.  In every new painting he brings a new combination of color, harmony, and overflowing yet quiet energy, as well as intense textures that are also exquisitely balanced and refined. The dancers, the flowers, and his loving couples are always filled with an internal and noble light.

In every creation, in every brush stroke, one discovers the originality of the creator’s style, the unique technique, and the amazing harmony of the expression and joys of life.

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